Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rich Pinay

Who is The Rich Pinay?

Well, I am. You are. Your neighbor is. The lady who sells beauty products door-to-door is. The sidewalk clothes vendor in Divisoria is. And anybody else (a Filipino girl, guy, gay) in the world who feels like, looks like, thinks like, wants to be like a Rich Pinay or Pinoy.

The birth of this blog came from a need to share ways on how to earn extra income both online and offline, to give heads up on contests, freebies, sale events and other great deals on and off the web. This blog is for all of us who, in small or major ways do something to make our lives better-- financially. For those who feel rich, think rich, and actually do something to realize it while stretching their third world paycheck.

I officially welcome you to my home! Hopefully you find my posts valuable to spread around and share with others as well.

Cheers and God bless us all! =)

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